Laminate Flooring

Smooth, textured, distressed, and embossed in registration laminate flooring options.

We understand today’s homeowner, and we know that you want a beautiful, durable floor that will fit in with your lifestyle in Abbotsford. We believe that laminate flooring is one of those solutions.

Laminate Product Types and Styles

smooth laminate flooring in AbbotsfordSSmooth
Smooth Laminate Flooring

Smooth laminate flooring often has a satin finish that is very soft and subtle, and does not have a deep grain texture. Laminate floors with a satin finish tends to have a shiny appearance and its grain will be more apparent in patches of light from the right angle.

textured laminate flooring in AbbotsfordTTextured
Textured Laminate Flooring

Textured laminate flooring creates the same aesthetics of hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost. At Kingston Flooring, we offer a variety of texture designs, from subtle to the more pronounced hand-scraped.

Distressed laminate flooring in AbbotsfordDDistressed
Distressed Laminate Flooring

Distressed laminate flooring offers a textured finish that appears as though it was actually brushed with metal wire, or affected by heavier use, including saw and chatter marks. This type of laminate floor is very popular with vintage styles, as it gives off a worn and aged look.

EEmbossed in Registration
Embossed in Registration Flooring

Embossed in registration laminate flooring creates a dramatic level of realism, making it the ideal choice for people who want their floor to look as close to real wood as possible. Embossed in registration is a particularly great choice on pine laminate floors and walnut laminate floors as it creates a stronger grained look.

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