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Inspired by nature and engineered to perfection.

Quality Laminate Flooring in Abbotsford

Kingston Floors in Abbotsford carries a wide selection of laminate floors in various colours and styles. Laminate flooring provides the best of everything, combining the elegance of tile and the warmth of hardwood with the longevity and durability of laminate. Known for its easy-maintenance and ability to withstand all of life’s demands, laminate flooring is also one of the most environmentally friendly floors you can buy. With the help of modern science and innovative technologies, laminate is designed to resemble other flooring solutions with specific advantages that set it apart.

“Our relationship with Kingston started when I was 8 months pregnant. We phoned Cal and needed the baby's room done NOW. He moved mountains to get that floor done. Now our top floor has the most beautiful high quality laminate with quiet-walk under padding. It can withstand a one year old carrying a baseball bat and dinky cars.

Since then we have done our living room carpet, a staircase, my mother's house in hardwood and are just putting the finishing touches on 1600 sq. ft. of recreational space in the basement. We haven't had to go over budget, and will be calling Cal when it is time to do the ground floor! We have been able to count on the service, the advice and the price every single time. With so many new people entering the building trades these days, it is nice to have a name you can count on.”

Inga and Denzil

Choosing the Right Type of Laminate Flooring

Available in a wide range of styles, colours, textures and grains, laminate flooring has established itself as an innovative and cost-efficient flooring solution, making it the ideal choice for active households with young children or pets.

Cal Boldt

Our Thoughts on Laminate...

from Cal Boldt

Extremely Durable
Perfect for busy family homes, laminate floors are super long-lasting.

Super Affordable
Generally speaking, laminate options tend to be less expensive than hardwood comparables.

Vast Style Options
Available in a wide variety of colours, textures & styles, you’re sure to find a perfect match.

Laminate Styles

Laminate Flooring

Surface Types

A smooth plain varnish-like layer is applied on the top surface, providing a look similar to most hardwoods.

The printed grain is given a more realistic look by using an embossing & texturizing technique.

What used to be reserved for hardwood is now available for laminate. Hand scraped laminate flooring adds an antiquated look to your interior design.

Embossed in Registration
This type of embossing is precisely matched to the printed grain, providing the most realistic pseudo-hardwood look.

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