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Quality Carpet Flooring in Abbotsford

At Kingston Floors in Abbotsford, we carry a great selection of carpet floors in a variety of colours and styles. For years, carpet has served as the canvas for interior design. With furniture, paint colour and artwork situated throughout the room, the eye always comes back to the carpet to tie it all together. Add a new level of warmth and comfort to your home with Kingston’s complete line of premium carpet options.

“We had carpet installed in our son's room and up the staircase to our main floor. Within a few days of our initial call to you, we had Byron at our door to measure and give an estimate. Your installation date was made to fit our schedule and confirmed by your lovely receptionist the day before. The day of the installation we were pleasantly surprised by a well dressed, clean cut young man at our door with all his tools in hand. He worked quickly, without a break, until the job was done. We were pleased with his work. When the job was finished he even cleaned up after himself.

As an added bonus we received a follow up phone call from the owner of the company to make sure we were satisfied! We will be recommending Kingston Flooring to everyone! ”

Trent & Melissa Sales

Choosing the Right Type of Carpet Flooring

Whether you’re looking for a natural sound-reduction technique or for a simple way to add colour, warmth and comfort to your home, Kingston’s comprehensive carpet and under-pad selection is guaranteed to be exactly what you’re looking for.

Cal Boldt

Our Thoughts on Carpet...

from Cal Boldt

When it comes to comfort, absolutely nothing feels better to sit, play or rest on.

Carpet styles drastically influence the personality & attitude of any room.

Noise Reduction
Being a naturally soft material, carpet absorbs sound within a room.

Carpet Styles

Carpet styles

Carpet Types

A traditional, thick-woven carpet with a cut-loop pile, lending a luxurious feel to a room.
Benefits: Softness, Long-Lasting, Elegance
Ideal for: Formal Living Areas

Unlike the burnt oranges of the 70’s shags, our line gives modern homes a much-coveted texture.
Benefits: Easy to Clean, Hides Soiling
Ideal for: Cozy Family Rooms

Distinguished by loop-pile construction, our Berber collection offers a durable and functional solution for today's families.
Benefits: Traditional, Long-Lasting
Ideal for: High Traffic Areas

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We’re here to help you find the perfect floor for your home. Come visit our showroom and we’ll work with you to find the perfect match.