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Luxury Vinyl Flooring: How I Stopped Worrying About Moisture on My Floor

Consumers often ask how they can achieve the look of a beautiful, wood floor without worrying about whether it runs the risk of being ruined from everyday liquids. The solution is Luxury Vinyl Plank, otherwise known as LVP. Luxury Vinyl Plank has been around for quite a while but never before with such durability and […]

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Carpet Floors [Advantages & Benefits]

Is carpet flooring gone for good? With the increasing popularity of hard surface floors such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl and tile, there have been fewer requests for carpet floors than was traditionally used throughout our homes. What we have seen, though, is a continued steady preference for carpet in bedrooms, stairs and upper hallways. That […]

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Waterproofing Your Shower

You’ve decided on the layout and size of the room, and the beautiful tile that is going to really make your shower standout. Now imagine how you would feel if one day you noticed that your grout or tile is starting to discolour, there’s an odd watermark on the ceiling of the room below the […]

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